Initial List of Nodes for Further Discussion


Thank you @lonewolf for the analysis and Thank you @PeterSomerville for clarifying !

The more we scrutinize the better the end result.



South Africa is well positioned and will be able to accommodate the latency requirements to run an Elixxir node. And will represent the Southern African part of the continent.



I tally 773 Beta Apps from your list, very cool. Thank you for laying it out. I had hoped to make the time to make a map and color grade each App with a circle around the Apps chosen for Beta. To take a real good look at where each is located. And then have gotten side tracked constantly this week. I also wanted Elixxir to green light every App. Why not is the real question, it’s our time and $? I had purposed this on Discord and PeterSomerville responded that it may be discussed, but haven’t heard back about that, yet.



Good idea @KILLth, I also started preparing a map of submitted versus shortlisted applications, superimposed on the global optical fiber cable network, but haven’t managed to finish it either. I also noticed that we don’t have privileges to post images here, even if the editor allows uploading them. If I manage to complete the graph I may share it with you on discord for you to check, we may try to post it there (and/or here through the admins).

As for the green light for all applications, the team mentioned in a post that they have limited resources for technical support. Also I guess that at least early betanet tests may be more efficient if run on a relatively small network, under more controlled conditions for debugging and optimization. Maybe they will scale up progressively during betanet.



As I couldn’t do it here, I’ve finally posted in Elixxir Discord’s server (nodes channel) the map of submitted versus shortlisted applications against the global ocean optical fiber network.





Here you go – I pulled your map from the Discord channel (which I would encourage everyone on here to join).

I appreciate the work you guys did in building this map. One important point to add is that some of those undersea cables are much “fatter” than others, capable of handling much greater bandwidth.



No problem. I tried to find one scaled to bandwidth, but it doesn’t seem a freely accessible information.



Well done Lonewolf! You made this happen.TY for the the shout out, but I had only spoke of wanting to do this. You did, your credit my dude!:nerd_face:



This website is very interesting in terms of networking interconnection. The year of implementation can indicate the bandwith. The operator Equinix and Huawei Marine can be a good indicator of the used technology:

https: // www. submarinecablemap. com/#/
(please adjust the text on the link)

and the example:
http :// www. huaweimarine. com/en/Experience/WACS
(please adjust the text on the link)

I think this information it may be important in terms of Elixxir teams…



Great map @lonewolf :+1:



thanks so much for map, very good job !!



@lonewolf can I ask your permission to pass your map to the Twitter crypto influencer @sentosumosaba (Crypto Eri). Eri usually updates the XRP and BTC community on the Elixxir and she could probably use your map in her daily YouTube videos.



Sure, no problem from my side, @Andrew.Paritz. I’d suggest that you sent her the file downloaded from discord, and not from this forum, for some reason the one there seems to have preserved better the original resolution. It should be mentioned that it has been produced by the community from the initial list of nodes published by Elixxir (that it’s not an official graph).



This thread is starting to become fairly large. Should there be another category added for discussion related to the application process and community ideas?

After reading the interesting conversation in this thread and seeing the amazing work done by @lonewolf and the other community members, I can’t help but feel that most of the community is missing out on important and interesting discussions related to the application process. Most of the valuable information and interesting ideas from active community members are buried in very large threads or individual application threads that are difficult to differentiate.

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Hi @RFM, the Node Forum is directed specifically toward the BetaNet Selection Process, so the commenting/participation rules are directed accordingly. But we welcome a broader discussion – for now our Discord channel is the best place to contribute. We have a #nodes channel for this purpose.



I’m on the discord as well. I find that it suffers from the same problems of good content getting lost in the clutter and short-term discussions, repetitive conversations drowning out long-term collaboration. I appreciate the response and use it as an avenue to share ideas going forward!



Hi Peter! Do you plan to report any preliminary results in changing the list until June 21?

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Probably no interim results; but will have the list ready in about 48 hours. :rocket:



All ready for the next phase, we will fight for something very big that will be a breakthrough in technology!!